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In Depth with Stephen Strang

Feb 22, 2019

Many know Mike Bickle as the founder of the International House of Prayer, a Spirit-empowered, 24-hour prayer movement across the globe. If you listen to any of Mike's sermons, you quickly pick up on his fiery love for Jesus and his passion for the gifts of the Spirit. But what fewer know about Mike is that as a young...

Feb 15, 2019

Why is it so easy to forget what God has done? The sad truth is that many Christians in the U.S. don't remember the great moves of God, even in the last century. In this episode, host Stephen Strang interviews longtime friend Gene Bailey of Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Listen as Bailey reminding the church of...

Feb 8, 2019

Pat Robertson was a son of U.S. Senator before he founded The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) Inc. Hear his story and his dramatic experience with the Holy Spirit as host Stephen Strang goes in depth into Robertson's life and career.

Feb 1, 2019

If you were to meet Damon Davis in person, you would probably see him as the picture of good health. And yet Davis, a global leader, media guru and former basketball star, tells host Stephen Strang he died 12 times before he was 25 years old. Davis went on a 10-year journey to find the physical and spiritual answers to...